Rules and regs

Please be sure to review these carefully before registering for the

4 Plants Cup

Understanding the 4 Plants Cup

The 4 Plants Cup is a celebration of legally homegrown, responsibly cultivated cannabis by individual Canadians. The 4 Plants Cup honours the cannabis plant, growers at all levels, and the community.

Each category has 28 slots. Contestants may choose to enter in more than one category, but cannot be in both the Amateur and Pro categories.



Competition Guidelines

Cultivation and Harvesting

Growing Additives

Harvesting Notes

  • Special care should be taken at harvest to discard any diseased or contaminated plant material. Microscopic visual inspection will be done on all submissions and any that have noticeable issues will be disqualified by the submissions panel without appeal.
  • All harvesting, trimming, drying and curing should be done in sanitary conditions with food safe practices and materials.
  • It is very important to ensure you have control of temperature and humidity during the drying phase. No outdoor or unventilated drying rooms are permitted.
  • The drying process and parameters must be documented in your grow journal and you must be able to maintain a relative humidity level under 60%, with monitoring and daily records. A min/max thermometer/hygrometer is recommended.  
  • It is critical that your submission is less than 15% moisture content. This is not easy to measure without special instruments, but can be estimated by grinding an average sized dried bud and feeling the moisture level. Above 15% the ground bud will feel damp and won’t stay lit in a joint. At about 6% you can crush a bud with your fingers into powder. You should aim for 8-12%, not moist and not powder.
  • Entries that are too moist will be disqualified as mould growth is a risk. There is no lower limit on moisture content but too dry can be harsh to smoke.
  • Failure to keep an adequate grow journal may disqualify your submission.
Registration and Submission

Dried flower

  • Once drying/curing is complete, your 28g submission should be weighed and packaged.
  • You may only submit one cultivar (strain) per submission, preferably from the same plant (or phenotype if from clone).
  • It is critical the flower weight is 28 grams and not less (will not have enough for judging) or more than 30g (would be illegal).
  • It is preferable that you package your submission in a vacuum bag for shipping. Be careful not to over-compress the bud if vacuum sealing.  
  • If you insist on using glass, special care must be taken to ensure it doesn’t break during shipping.
  • All submissions must be in food grade packaging.
  • Any packages that have detectable smell will likely not be forwarded from the post office and therefore disqualified.
  • A tracking number is required and an adults signature is required for delivery.


  • 1 gram of dried flower is equal to 0.25 grams of concentrates. Therefore you will submit 7 grams of concentrate to stay under the 30g equivalent limit
  • This may come from more than one plant if you choose. Samples should be packaged in parchment paper in a ziplock bag or glass container. NO SOLVENTS are allowed, only heat and pressure may be used for the production of your submission.
  • Food grade materials must be used throughout the pressing process.
  • You may have someone else assist in pressing your bud, but you should be present to document the process.

Note: Detailed shipping instructions will be sent to participants in October 2019. No entries shall be arrive prior to November 15th and no later than November 30th, 2019.  

Screening and Judging


All judging will be done by the participants.

  • All scoring will be done online.
  • All judging will be done blind and participants will not know the grower or the cultivar name until judging is complete.
  • The total judges pack will be (8) 3 gram samples for 24 grams total. It will be discreetly packaged and shipped with Canada Post for delivery with signature in a prepaid envelope supplied by the participant.    


  • Pre-screening will occur upon entry submission and will include microscopic inspection and macro photography.
  • A 1 gram smoking sample will be evaluated by the pre-screening committee.
  • If an entry is found to be unsuitable (presence of disease, excessive pests, suspected pesticides, excessively harsh, bad smell, foreign materials, too moist etc) the participants will be notified and additional information may be requested.
  • The pre-screening committee panel has sole discretion to disqualify an entry; there is no appeal process. This is to protect the other participants from potentially unsafe product. This process is done blind to eliminate any chance of bias and will be overseen by an independent third party.

Screening Details and Results

  • A 3 gram sample will be retained for a display bud and potential potency and terpene testing for the finalists.
  • Any remaining samples after the screening/testing is complete will be shared at the awards.
  • The resulting data will be compiled and made available online after the awards.

A Friendly, Legal, Canadian
Cannabis Cup based on honour, integrity and quality.

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