Everything you need to know about the 4 Plants Cup

About the 4 Plants Cup

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Is there an entry fee?

There is no entry fee for the 2019 competition. You must send a pre-paid shipping envelope with your return address as part of your submission in order to receive your judges pack.

How many participants are in each category?

A maximum of 28 participants per category has been set for this year.

How are you ensuring that all participants are of age?

All participants must send a copy of their photo ID proving they are of age in their province. This information will not be used for any other purpose than to verify age and will be kept secure and destroyed when no longer needed. This will occur prior to shipping your submission, details to follow with the shipping instructions.

How are you ensuring that all grows are legal?

Your grow must be fully legal and it is solely your responsibility to ensure you are following all federal, provincial and municipal laws. Participants will be asked to sign a document stating their garden complies with all relevant laws.   

What happens if I enter but do not make a submission?

Please note that only serious participants should enter. If you register and fail to notify the #4PlantsCup of your intention to withdraw prior to July 1st, 2019, or fail to submit your entry, you may not be able to enter in the competition in future years.

If you aren’t able to post the required information (such as pictures) throughout the phases within a reasonable timeframe, you may be disqualified to allow someone else participate. You will be given a warning first.  

How is professional defined?

Professional is defined as 6 or more grow cycles (in any grow location) of experience. For example if you are a pro indoor, that experience applies to the outdoor and rosin categories as well.   

Can I enter more than one category?

Participants can enter more than one category with separate registrations (e.g. pro indoor and pro outdoor) but not at different experience levels.

Are there any restrictions on where I can grow?

All entries must be grown at the participants main residence or at an alternate legal location where the participant is the primary caretaker of the plants. Medical growers are also permitted to participate in the medical category, but must be the primary caretaker of the plant (e.g. no designated growers).

My plants are already growing, is that OK?

If you are beyond the seedling stage upon registration you should start documenting from where you are at. No plants may be in flower upon registration.

I don’t want to publicly reveal the details of my grow in my grow journal, is that OK?

You are not required to keep a very detailed daily journal. The purpose of this is to help ensure quality assurance and to protect the participants. Therefore it should be focused on potential quality issues such as crop inputs, pesticides, pest/disease outbreaks and drying parameters. This will be submitted with your entry to ensure eligibility and will not be public unless you explicitly agree.

I don’t want to post pictures of my grow on social media, is that OK?

You’re encouraged to share the progress of your grow on social media but not required. If you prefer to keep your pictures private, you can let us know in the submission form by clicking the ‘Private?’ option instead.

Why is there a separate medical category?

Most medical grows have more than 4 plants. It would be unfair to the participants that are limited to 4 plants to compete in the same category as someone that may be able to choose from hundreds of plants.


Any grower that has more than 4 plants is automatically in the medical category and must have a legal medical authorization from Health Canada under the MMAR or ACMPR. Proof of current registration may be required.


What is your policy on abusive behaviour?

The purpose of the #4plantscup is to celebrate our love of cannabis first and foremost, please keep in mind this is a friendly competition.

Abusive or inappropriate behaviour will disqualify you from participating and may extend to future years.

What is the honour system?

The honour system is a philosophical way of running this friendly cannabis competition based on trust, honour, and honesty.

As this is an entirely volunteer and grassroots effort, we don’t have the capacity to enforce legality or adherence to the rules. Any contestant that is found to break this system will be disqualified and this may extend to future years.

Prizes and Sponsorship

Can I sponsor the 4 Plants Cup?

Cash donations are being accepted from individuals with a limit of $500. There is no limit on products or services donated.

Donations from corporations is limited to products or services only, no cash donations. Preference given to small, independent businesses that support the homegrower community. All prizes/services must be legal.

What are the prizes?

There will be three awards per category with approximate prize values of $250, $100 and $50 respectively. There will also be a grand prize. More details coming soon!

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