About the
4 Plants Cup 

The 4 Plants Cup is a celebration of legally homegrown, responsibly cultivated cannabis by individual Canadians.

The 4 Plants Cup honours the cannabis plant, growers at all levels, and the community.

Registered participants will cultivate their legal cannabis plants and select their best 28 grams of one cultivar (strain). This submission will be shipped to a central location for screening and packaging into judge packs. Contestants will be required to mail in a self-addressed pre-paid envelope along with their submission, which will enable them to receive back a judge’s pack to review and score.

All judging is done blind by participants. You may see the review criteria here.

Our Primary Goals & Mission

Friendly, Legal, Canadian Cannabis

This competition is open to any Canadian resident that is of age and can legally grow cannabis in their province. This unfortunately currently excludes non-medical growers in Manitoba and Quebec. Growers are responsible for ensuring they are following all federal, provincial and municipal laws related to cannabis and the Cannabis Act.

There are 5 main categories for participants to register in.

We split the dried cannabis entries based on experience level and on indoor/outdoor grow location.

Learn more about each below.


Learn how to grow and see how you do!

This category is open to anybody who is able to cultivate a cannabis crop up to shareable standards.

The Greenhorn categories are also split in indoor/outdoor growing space. 


You’ve been doing this a long time, and you want to compete against the other growers who take care and pride in their crop. 

The greenthumb category is designed to include any experienced grower who has grown cannabis sucessfully for more than 6 grow cycles in any grow location, and is not meant only for professional growers. 

This category is also split between indoor and outdoor, and requires a grow journal to prove your methods upon submission. 


Rosin might seem difficult to learn how to make, but trying several different kinds could be super rewarding. Don’t let the process disway you – the #4Plants community will help you along the way. We are not separating this category because new creators will learn how to do better from the experienced ones, and we hope to make this a community effort as we learn about making rosin successfully together.

We will be announcing details of this and make decisions based on how many rosin creators sign up. Stay tuned and sign up soon!

Competition Details

Registration for 4 Plants Cup 2020 opens on April 20, 2020, and will close by the end of May. Submissions will be accepted for indoor and outdoor separately, and there may be more than one indoor competition in 2020.  

Detailed shipping instructions will be sent to participants a minimum of 6 weeks before the submission due date. Judges will need to sign up separately and must submit reviews for each of their included cultivars. Reviewing details can be found here. 

Join Us!


This friendly competition is open to all residents in Canada where growing at home is legal. Instead of having an in-person awards ceremony, there will be an online showcase of winners and their submissions, with a Steering Committee-led journal leading up to the following 4 Plants Cup. This is a community-focused joint effort. 

Get in touch

Be sure to check out the Rules and Regulations and FAQ before submitting new questions, and be sure to connect via social media @4PlantsCup


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